About me

Hello world

My name is Amund Skullerud. I live in Norway with my two children and wife. Thanks to my older brother I got my hands on a C-64 when I was about 6 years old. And from the day my parents brought the first computer into the house (a 386DX) in 1989, I have been a computergeek.

Dan Musk

On internet my alter ego is DanMusk. Why that name? I am so glad you asked! It’s an acronym of the first part of my very first email address. So… AmundSk <--> DanMusk. Magic! And when I googled Dan Musk I found out that Dan Musk is a minor character who appeared in Frank Miller’s Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. +1 on the nerd’o’meter.

When the computer failed, I knew for sure.

Dan Musk, orbital journalist – 1986


Good times

Good times

In my dayjob I mostly work with C# and ASP.NET aka the webstack of love.

On my spare time I work with my co-founded company Flyt IT (translates to Flow IT). This give me the opportunity to work with the power of Microsoft Azure since we host our sites and applications in the Azure-cloud.

In the last year I have grown a keen interest in cloud computing, architecture and development efficiency.